Who We Are

An Impactful Space Nestled Within Chicagoland

Who We Are

Disruptive Inc.

As a multifaceted entrepreneur, Catherine is dedicated to empowering her community. Working for one of the largest Fortune 500 Utility companies as a Talent Development Consultant sparked her passion for workforce development. Catherine’s passion and desire to advocate for the necessity of talent amongst single parents led to the creation of Disruptive INC.

Disruptive INC., a nonprofit organization, focuses on holistic career and employee development. By creating an environment for personal and professional development, Catherine provides single parents with the necessary resources and services to thrive in the workplace. Additionally, Catherine’s commitment to community service provides a unique blend of her professional expertise and her heart’s passion.

Catherine is a mother, published author, podcast host and community  advocate. 

Image depicting an audience listening to a group of panelists and facilitators.
Disruptive INC founder, Catherine McNeil

The Author

Catherine has authored or contributed to SEVEN published personal, professional and leadership development related literary works (available on Amazon).

The Speaker

Leveraging real - life applied and professional experience, Catherine connects the dots on how your personal life impacts your professional trajectory.

You can hear more from Catherine on her podcast "Let's Chat!" w/ASKCat streaming on iTunes and Spotify.

The Consultant

As the founder of CHBM Services LLC, Catherine offers a holistic approach to career and employee development. She coaches individuals through their journey, enabling their ability to "show up authentically" in the workplace.

Our Mission

Established in 2019, Disruptive INC aims to disrupt the cycle of single-parent poverty. Our mission is to decrease the gap of  poverty among single parents ages 18 to 40, in the Chicagoland area, by offering timeless resources, career development training, and community impacting projects.

A group of women from diverse backgrounds in a Disruptive INC group picture.
A Disruptive INC appreciation dinner.

Our Impact

With the help of our community partners, corporate sponsors and supporters, we have raised over $75,000 to further Disruptive INC's mission, impacting over 7,500 households.